Friday, September 17, 2010

AIGA D.Talk on The Rise of Service Design

Last night I attended a panel at AIGA on “The Rise of Service Design”. It was a packed room, reflecting the general interest in this topic.

The session was moderated by Josh Levine (Great Monday)

The panelists were:

  • Chris McCarthy (Kaiser)
  • Hugh Dubberly (Dubberly Design)
  • Jamin Hegeman (Adaptive Path)

The key bits were:

· Service Design seems to be a name for Experience Design over a coordinated set of touchpoints (rather than just a single task) and across an ecosystem of people and objects. For example:

o Netflix

o Starbucks

o Hotels & Restaurants

o Nursing Shift Changes (passing off patient care data) at hospitals

· The tools of product design are insufficient for service design. Service design needs to have workflow models and diagrams to make the intangible tangible.

o Our journey map is another example of a service design tool

o Service Blueprint – a tangible artifact for discussion and referral

o Ethnography, Co-design

· A few interesting points about Services:

o Value is derived at the point of consumption.

o The customer helps to create the experience. You aren’t designing the experience, just the scaffold for the experience.

o The focus is on the relationship between things (including people), not necessarily the things themselves (transitions more than destinations)

o The room had the overwhelming feeling that in the future, the winners will be the ones who took service design seriously

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